Painted wooden stairs

Painted Wooden Stairs DIY Galveston Grey Runner

Painted Wooden Stairs DIY Tutorial Painted wooden Stairs DIY Tutorial was inspired by The Heathered Nest . I decided that I wanted to give my basement stairs a makeover! My wooden basement stairs were previously painted a dark brown and had a hideous old carpet runner placed down the middle of the stairs. Yuck!!! After seeing The […]

pipe shelf

Industrial Pipe Shelf DIY

Industrial Pipe Shelf DIY The industrial pipe shelf  has become very popular over the last few years, with good reason. Its easy to install and a fun DIY, something that can be moved, and is extremely functional. There are a ton of ways to use iron plumber’s pipe to make shelves. In my current obsession […]

Packing tips for moving

Packing Tips For Moving

Packing Tips For Moving Packing tips for moving are essential and even tho I swear I studied everything on Pintrest and blogs had to offer I don’t think anyone can be prepared completely for the stress of moving. I hope this list will make your moving a bit less painful. My Top Moving and Packing […]



Hanging Gutter Planter Workshop The hanging gutter planter workshop was the first do it herself workshop I took at Home Depot. I was excited to attend my first do it herself workshop! The workshop I attended was the hanging gutter planter workshop. I’m was thrilled because I had already started my garden. To be completely honest, […]

Spray foam insulation around windows – What to do and what not to do!

Spray foam insulation around windows tutorial When we purchased our home a few of the bedrooms were missing trim around the windows. Since the trim was already off we took the opportunity to try and make our home a little bit more energy efficient. So, we added spray foam insulation around windows since the trim was already […]

DIY Carpet Removal

DIY Carpet Removal – Removing Carpeting Off The stairs

DIY Carpet Removal Process DIY Carpet Removal is a something simple you can do to get great results in your home or your fixer upper! Start removing the carpet by cutting it from the bottom steps with a utility knife. Make sure to wear a dust mask, safety glasses, and some utility gloves. Removing carpeting […]

wooden letter wall decor

Wooden Letter Wall Decor DIY

Wooden Letter Wall Decor Wooden letter wall decor is a simple way to personalize your space. The wooden letters can be purchased at any large craft store. They come in lots of different font styles and sizes. My wooden letters were given to me as a gift. They were purchased from Target craft line Hand Made Modern – Wooden […]

Snap Power Outlets

Night Light Outlet Covers – Snap Power Outlets

Night Light Outlet Covers Snap power outlets were one of the first purchases I made after I purchased my first “fixer upper” home! I love technology and am absolutely glued to my iPhone, iPad, and  Macbook. Did I mention I can spend hours on end just gazing at Pinterest and Instagram? So needless to say, […]

Wine Bottle Ring Toss

Wine Bottle Ring Toss DIY Tutorial

Wine Bottle Ring Toss DIY Tutorial Wine Bottle Ring Toss DIY Tutorial was inspired by Style Me Pretty, from the Rustic + Romantic Tuscan-Inspired Vineyard Wedding! I stumbled upon this Pin and I have re-created this DIY putting my own spin on the design! First, I gathered a ton of wine bottles from friends, co-workers. […]

Growing Tomato Plants From Seeds – A How to guide

Growing Tomato Plants From Seeds is not as hard as you might think! Growing tomato plants from seeds was not as difficult as I thought, it’s actually very easy. Just follow some of the basic rules of planting and adapt along the way to what works for you. Now that I am a home owner […]