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Hug The Earth Kit

Eco Friendly Gift Set  | $60 + hst

For the eco-conscious creative, with a sustainable living lifestyle

This beautiful package was created with love for the earth and to help support sustainable and eco friendly living. 


We recognize that eco friendly products are typically a little pricier then their counterpart, due to their increased manufacturing costs. However, the benefits of going green are endless! The change starts within each one of us and there is no better time then right now. By contributing towards the betterment of the planet, we can make the world a better place to live, for both ourselves and generations to come.


- 1 Recycled Kraft Paper unlined Notebook (includes 30 pages, 3.9“ x 5.5” unlined - 100g) 

- 2B Drawing Pencil 100% made from recycled paper/newspaper


- 1 Medium Artisan made Floral pattern reusable beeswax food wrap

(Made with Organic Canadian Beeswax & Organic Coconut Oil)

- 1 Large Artisan Made Fruit pattern reusable beeswax food wrap

(Made with Organic Canadian Beeswax & Organic Coconut Oil)

- 1 Hand Crafted Reusable Wool Dryer Ball (grey with small green leaf)

Forest Dweller Kit

Watercolor Gift Set 

For the aspiring or professional artist, calligrapher. Who value natural and high-quality materials.

This very special package was created with intention, attention and curiosity. While our studio was closed during the first wave in Nova Scotia. we became aware of the importance of slowing life down and discovered ways to connect with nature on a deeper level.


This kit includes a set of handmade watercolor paints. The sets are created using only natural and high quality ingredients to generate the most beautiful results. Our watercolor sets have excellent lightfastness and are non-toxic (cadmium, cobalt, lead and mercury free). Created using locally sourced pure pigment and a binder made up of gum arabic and honey - with no fillers or additives added!


- 3 piece watercolor set of single pigment paints:

(hand filled paint cups with lids (1.5" Diam. x 7/8" Height)

- 10 sheets of cold pressed textured 90 lb. Watercolor Paper

(Acid free and lignin free, last without deterioration or yellowing, made without chlorine)


- 1 Professional Quality Synthetic Brush, Round  Long Handle |  Size: 1

- 1 Professional Quality Synthetic Brush, Triangular  Long Handle | Size: 6

Wildflower Ink Kit

Botanical Ink Gift Set | $65 +hst

For the naturalists, foragers and natural dyers

This kit was created to promote sustainable practices and to inspire unique forms of creative expression. Botanical ink is environmentally sustainable color made from things found in nature. 


The set of colors have been carefully created to complement one another, and are ideal for sketching, painting, calligraphy or nature journaling. You can achieve beautiful effects by combining different inks on paper and exploring their unique interactions.



- Set of three Artisan Made Botanical Inks | 3 ML glass bottles with screw tops


- 1 set of 3 bamboo ink brushes


- 1 Information sheet (instructions, tips & more) 


- 10 sheets of cold pressed textured 90 lb. Watercolor Paper

(Acid free and lignin free, last without deterioration or yellowing, made without chlorine)

💗 1 Botanical Greeting Card with white envelope (blank on the inside)

100% of card proceeds goes directly to the Canadian Mental Health Association 

Textural Art Kit

Acrylic Palette Knife Painting Gift Set | $75 +hst

For the Artists, Painters & Creatives


Vincent van Gogh is one of the most famous Artists, who was known for using, painting knife techniques - to create beautiful swirling, textural artwork.

Whether you are an established Artist who is looking to expand their range of creative mediums or hobbyist looking for something new to try - the possibilities are endless! The supplies needed to create this style of art is known for being difficult to find locally. Therefore, we wanted to help make these unique tools accessible for Haligonians!


- 2 Mont Marte Professional Canvas Panel | Size: 8" x 8"

(Triple primed with 4oz acid-free acrylic titanium gesso)

- 1 Jar of Nobel Texture Paste - 500 ML 

- 1  Painting Knife | Stainless steel blade, natural wood handle | Size 3

- 1  Painting Knife | Stainless steel blade, natural wood handle | Size 12

- 1  Long Handle

Daydreaming Doodle Kit



The Essential Drawing Gift Set | $20 + hst

For the artists, hobbyist and daydreaming doodlers

Curl up in a comfy chair with your favorite hot beverage and get ready to get lost in the magical art of drawing. Tapping into the creative part of your brain, will do wonders for your mind, body and soul! This kit has the very basics, to help you embark on your artistic journey.



- 1 kneaded eraser

- 1 drawing pencil

- 1 Artist drawing pad

- 1 black fine liner marker | 0.55 mm 

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