Flower Pressing Workshop | LVL 1 - Beginner friendly

Instructor: Jacquelyn Miccolis | Included: 2 hrs of instruction & supplies

Learn about the beautiful art of flower pressing in this fun hands on workshop. Explore different methods of pressing & preserving flowers. Find out what flowers are best to press and dive into a world of endless creativity. Pressed flowers can be framed or used to adorn note cards, writing paper, book covers, bookmarks, jewelry, candles, and lots more. Also, for those who are interested in the scientific elements of botanicals, pressed flowers & plants, can be used for field notes.

Join us for a memorable evening and preserve a flower while creating a beautiful piece of artwork to take home and display.

Botanical Line Drawing | LVL 1 - Beginner friendly
Instructor: Jacquelyn Miccolis | Included: 2 hrs of instruction & supplies


Dive into the beautiful world of botanical line drawing. Learn how to draw realistic flowers, starting with the basics and moving into adding some details. Observe and draw from real dried botanicals, while Jacquelyn guides you through the steps one at a time.

This workshop begins will practicing some basic line drawing exercises (no previous experience needed). With beautiful handmade booklets, participants will follow along and learn how to draw a wide range of botanicals from start to finish.

We will be using:

❀ Pencil and eraser
❀ Micro-liner pen & sharpie (adding texture and definition)
❀ Colored Pencils (adding a little color to our drawings)
❀ Geometry set
❀ Beautiful dried and pressed flowers (local & imported)
❀ Instructional booklet

Painting with Botanical Ink Workshop | LVL 1 - Beginner friendly

Instructor: Alan Pippy | Included: 2 hrs of instruction & supplies

Years before synthetic dyes and pigments were available, simple but efficient inks were used in paintings from prehistoric civilizations. These natural colors could be mineral in origin or from plant extracts.

The process of turning plants into print can help you reconnect with nature, find a creative outlet and develop a mindful sense of presence. It also promotes an awareness of sustainable practices and how to reduce our impact on the planet.

During this workshop you will learn about the beauty of creating natural dyes using botanicals. This knowledge can be applied to create your own dyes in the comfort of your own kitchen (instruction sheet included in this workshop).

This workshop focuses primarily on painting, with already made botanical inks. Enjoy the magic of experiment with different inks, with guided instruction in this fun hands-on (zero contact) workshop

Botanical Watercolor & Doodle Workshop | LVL I - Beginner friendly
Instructor: Jacquelyn Miccolis | Includes: 2 hours of instruction & supplies

During this class, we will create a beautiful combination of simple doodles & loose watercolor washes to create gorgeous botanical & floral illustrations.

Dive into the beautiful world of botanical watercolor painting in this fun beginner workshop. Learn some basic techniques for painting with watercolors, while discovering the unique properties of this medium. 

Create a beautiful botanical painting through guided step by step instruction. Participants will leave with their completed painting to proudly display in their home. 

Fascinating Fungi - Mushroom Workshop | LVL 1 - Beginner friendly
Instructor: Jacquelyn Miccolis | Includes: 2 hrs of instruction & supplies

During this fun and interactive workshop, we will explore the magnificent world of mushrooms and fungi. Please note that this is not a scientific workshop, therefore we will be primarily focusing on mushrooms and fungi from an artistic perspective.

After months of foraging, collecting and studying mushrooms, Jacquelyn is very excited to have developed this workshop, which was a passion project brought to life!

What you will learn:

- A brief overview of foraging and examining your fungi specimens for drawing purposes

- Learn how to create your own Spore Prints for both artistic and scientific studies (an instructional sheet to take home)


- We will experiment with stamping mushrooms to make unique artwork


- Participants will examine, observe and learn from provided specimens. With the goal being to create at least one detailed drawing, with a little splash of color - to take home at the end of class.

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