Drawing Workshops

All workshops are for adults & beginner friendly unless otherwise indicated.
Please note that our workshop schedule changes both monthly and seasonally.
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Intro to Zine Workshop | Beginner Friendly

Instructor: Erika Stonehouse | Included: 2 hours of instructions & supplies

Age Group: Adults (Anyone under 18 must have have adult accompaniment)

Workshop Description:

Join local Artist Erika Stone House for a fun filled afternoon of low pressure art-making.

So...what exactly is a zine? It is a casual paper folded booklet that shares a story and communicates ideas. It is less time-intensive than a comic book and the tactile nature of drawing and creating the book is so satisfying.

A zine can include anything artistic or otherwise that you may wish to express. Whether you are passionate about the environment, knitting, music - the sky is the limit!

The wonderful thing about zines is that ANYONE can make one. They are a great outlet for story telling and good old-fashioned creativity. This creative process promotes the freedom of self expression.

During this workshop you will learn about zines and be gently guided through the steps to creating an artist zine from a single 8.5 x 11 piece of paper to take home with you at the end of the workshop.

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Intro to Figure Drawing Workshop | Beginner Friendly

Instructor: Zyanya Bárbara Juárez Arellano

Included: 3 hours of instructions, live art model & supplies is provided

Age Group: Adults (18+)

Workshop Description:

The human body is the best work of art - it is both beautiful and complex.

Join NSCAD Graduate Zyanya, for a friendly crash course on figure drawing. This workshop is beginner friendly and well suited for those who have little to no drawing experience.

This workshop begins by covering the very basics and gradually building upon this, as you are guided through the steps to rendering the beautiful art of the human form.

Through the observation of a professional life model you will learn how create engaging marks -that capture energy and action in gesture poses. In addition to this, you will be introduced to drawing proper proportions with various techniques and tips shared by your instructor.

Please note that this is a nude drawing class and therefore, participants are expected to be respectful at all times. Please read our life drawing etiquette before registering - thank you.

Beginning with some short warm-up sketches, you will learn how to capture gestures with loose mark making with very few lines. Your goal is to just get something down on the page. These won't look pretty at first and that is okay! As you learn to power through the "bad drawings," you’ll begin to find your rhythm.

Following this you will be gently guided through the steps to begin adding more detail to your drawing, while the model holds longer poses.

If you have always wanted to attend a life drawing class, but felt nervous and didn't know how to get started - then this workshop is for YOU! If you enjoy sketching or drawing as a hobby, but don't have formal education, this is the perfect opportunity for you to gain some confidence in your drawing skills.

This is not a stuffy fine art class but, instead a low pressure opportunity to learn, have fun and build some new skills!

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Light & Shadow Art Workshop | Beginner Friendly
Instructor: Jacquelyn Miccolis | Includes 3 hours of instruction & supplies
Age Group: Adults

Workshop Description:


"All the variety, all the charm , all the beauty of life is made up of light and shadows." - Leo Tolstoy

During this unique art workshop you will learn how to visually create dramatic shadows and light refractions. When you add light and shadow to any drawing, you can make an object look realistic by creating the illusion of form and depth.

With the use of air dried botanicals, Jacquelyn will gently guided you through the steps to creating a a beautiful shadow of your specimens. Spark your curiosity with fun experimentation, as you explore different angles and floral arrangements.

During this workshop Jacquelyn will teach you how to use a prism for artistic purposes. One of the easiest and most visually stunning ways to create an artificial rainbow is by using a prism. We will be working with long triangular shaped prisms to form a rainbow of colors over top of our shadow art. If there is not enough sunlight, we will use flashlights to create the same effect.


After setting up a unique light and shadow composition, we will observe the shapes and patterns before beginning to draw around the edges of the shadows.  

Learn how to use two different mediums: water-soluble graphite and watercolor pencils to create a beautiful piece of artwork on professional cold pressed watercolor paper.

Due to this being a beginner friendly workshop, Jacquelyn will cover some of the basic principals to drawing realistic shadows. However, to take the pressure off - the objective of this workshop is to create a loose representation, with as much or as little detail as each person feels comfortable with including. No previous experience is needed to participate, just the willingness to learn.

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Botanical Drawing Workshop | Beginner Friendly
Instructor: Jacquelyn Miccolis | Included: 2 hours of instruction & supplies

Age Group: Adults (anyone under 18 must be accompanied by an adult)

Workshop Description:


Dive into the beautiful world of botanical drawing with Botanical Artist, Jacquelyn Miccolis, during this fun and friendly drawing workshop.

What Jacquelyn loves most about botanical art is it's alluring beauty. Simply put, it is the "perfect imperfections" that help her appreciate and celebrate the natural beauty of it's organic form. Botanical drawing has allowed Jacquelyn to connect with nature on a deeper level and therefore develop a greater appreciation for the little things in life, that many of us don't stop to notice. The shapes, colors and beautiful lines awaken her curiosity and creativity.

Botanical drawing is a wonderful way to combine art, science, and nature simultaneously. By observing the specimen closely with curious eyes, it helps us appreciate the beautiful magic of nature. From the simplest leaf to the most complex flower, there is beauty all around us. Sometimes we just need to be reminded - to stop and look!

This workshop begins with a fundamentals to line drawing warm-up exercise to help get you started. Following this, Jacquelyn will gently guide you through the steps to drawing several flowers, while introducing you to several helpful techniques to assist you in the process. Beginning with basic line drawings, we will gradually build upon this to achieve more realistic and detailed illustrations.

No drawing experience is needed to participate - just the willingness to learn! This is not a stuffy art class but, instead a positive, friendly and low-pressure opportunity to learn about this beautiful style of art.​ Participants will gain confident in their drawing skills, learn the fundamentals to this specific style of drawing, which will encourage you to look at the natural world around you in a different and more beautiful way.

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The Art of Perspective Drawing Workshop | Beginner Friendly

Instructor: Alan Pippy | 2 hours of instruction & supplies

Age Group: Adults (anyone under 18 must be accompanied by an adult)

Workshop Description:

One of the best parts of the city is the dazzling skyline! Join Alan for a fun fundamentals to drawing workshop. During this class you will learn how to draw a stunning cityscape, using 2 point perspective.

During this beginner friendly class, Alan will teach you the primary concepts behind perspective drawing, such as: vanishing points, horizon line, eye level, and relative size. By learning these basic concepts, you will be able to draw the environment around you more accurately and realistically.

We provide the supplies, so just bring yourself and get ready for a fun skill-building workshop at Sparkles n' Sawdust Studio.

Please note: We are not a licensed venue however, we have non-alcoholic beverages and local gourmet chocolate bars that are available for purchasing. Also, we have a small gift boutique located within our studio, which is open exclusively during scheduled events.