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Wool Dryer Balls (style varies monthly) | LVL 1 - Beginner friendly

Instructor: Alan Pippy  | Included: 2 hrs of instruction & supplies

Price: $45 + tax

Protecting ourselves and our planet has never been so important. Now is a great time to move towards a more eco friendly lifestyle. During this workshop you will learn about the benefits of sustainable & eco friendly living and make three of your very own adorable wool dryer balls to take home.

What makes wool dryer balls so AWESOME? 


These things look like overgrown tennis balls and are made of 100% wool yarn, that over time becomes “felted,” making them especially durable and not at all prone to unraveling. One set of wool dryer balls will last what seems like forever, softening thousands of loads of laundry—no batteries, refills, repairs or reconditioning required. This makes dryer balls a great, eco friendly alternative to dryer sheets and fabric softener.

How do wool dryer balls work?

Wool dryer balls cut at least 25% off the time to dry a load of laundry, saving time and energy. They work their way into tight spaces and that’s what makes them so awesome. Dryer balls also agitate against the fibers in clothes and linens, which makes everything feel softer coming out of the dryer.

During this fun workshop you will learn how to make three adorable sloth wool dryer balls, through the art of needle felting. Never needle felted before? No sweat! It's not as hard as you might think. Seriously, anyone can do it!

Fun fact: Wool dryer balls typically last for about 2-4 years or 1,000 loads

Beeswax Wraps Workshop | LVL 1 - Beginner friendly

Instructor: Alan Pippy | Included: 1 hrs of instruction & supplies

Price: $50 +tax 


When packaging or storing food, many of us use plastic wrap to help keep our food fresh. However, there are some great alternative eco friendly options that we're excited to teach you about!

Beeswax food wraps have become increasingly popular, not only because they are environmentally friendly but, also because they are budget friendly. This wonderful product is reusable and allows your food to breath. They are a great natural and sustainable alternative for food storage and will keep your food fresh longer.

During this fun and interactive workshop, Alan will guide you through the steps to making your very own beeswax wraps to take home.

Eco Tea Bag Bookmarks | LVL 1 - Beginner friendly

Instructor: Alan Pippy | Included: 2 hrs of instruction & supplies

Price: $35+tax 


This unique workshop was inspired by Artist Ruby Silvious, Author of "363 Days of Tea." This novel follows the artist's 363-day journey, as she creates miniature paintings using repurposed tea bags as her canvas.

During this fun craft class, participants will learn about eco friendly living while making upcycled bookmarks out of tea bags. This is a beginner friendly class and therefore no experience is needed to join in on the fun.

Using watercolor paints as our creative medium, you will be guided through the steps to making 2 - 3 bookmarks to take home with you at the end of this class.


You will learn:

  • How to clean & prepare your teabag for painting

  • About some famous artists who create teabag art

  • Various styles, patterns and color contracts

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