Embrace your inner goddess, during an enchanting & creative workshop at Sparkles n' Sawdust Studio.

Full Moon Watercolor Workshop | LVL 1 - Beginning friendly

Instructor: Jacquelyn Miccolis | Included: 2 hrs of instruction & supplies

Price: $60 +tax


The moon is associated with divine feminine energy in many tribal societies. During this enchanting workshop, get ready to embrace your inner moon goddess - while creating beautiful artwork.


The full moon is considered to be the most powerful of all lunar phases. The moon while reigning over the world, glows its full splendor and reinvigorates it's energy to all those willing to look up and transform themselves.

Learn about the different moon phases and experiment with creating different phases using watercolors. Have fun exploring the salt technique, while using: grey salt, pink himalayan salt, sea salt and epsom salt;  to create beautiful surface-of-the-moon effects.

Participants will create a beautiful full moon painting to take home and proudly display.

Gold Leaf Agate Painting Workshop | LVL 1 - Beginner friendly
Instructor: Jacquelyn Miccolis | 1.5 hr of instruction & supplies

Price $60 +tax


During this workshop we will creative a beautiful agate painting, using a combination of watercolor paints, aqua markers and gold leaf with gilding adhesive.


Enjoy an evening of fun & relaxation, while you enjoy the therapeutic benefits of art and creativity! Create a beautiful painting to take home with you to display in your home.

Learn how to:

  • Paint with watercolors to create beautiful free-flowing & controlled designs

  • Take your art to the next level by using watercolor makers

  • Create stunning watercolor effects through: shading, blending & layering

  • Apply gold leaf using a gilding adhesive, to add beautiful details and texture to your artwork

Vinyl Mandala Painting Workshop | LVL I - Beginner friendly
Instructor: Alan Pippy | Included: 2 hrs of instruction & supplies

Price: $45 +tax


Mandalas are circular designs symbolizing the notion that life is never ending. During this class we will use upcycled vinyl records as our "canvas," and learn how to create your own beautiful mandala design. This is a beginner class, therefore no experience is required to attend.


What can you expect?

  • Learn about the deeper meanings of mandalas

  • Learn how to prepare a vinyl record for painting

  • Learn some techniques for creating mandala designs

Mandala Rock Painting Workshop | LVL 1 - Beginner friendly
Instructor: Alan Pippy | Includes: 2 hours of instruction & supplies

Price: $45 +tax

Join local Artist Alan for a unique painting workshop! Painting a rock seems like such an easy concept, but there is a lot more to it than you might realize. During this workshop you will learn about what the best paints are for this type of project, how to seal them, dotting techniques and lots more.

Mandala dotting art is much more than the end product. It is a meditative process and the expression of your soul. This style of art is known for being therapeutic and very relaxing.

Participants will be guided through the steps with ease to creating a couple of beautifully painted mandala rocks.


What can you do with your creations? The possibilities are truly endless! You can display it as a fabulous décor piece for your home, garden, patio or yoga room. You can use it as a paper weight, book end or gift it to a friend.

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