Etiquette Rules for Life Drawing Classes

Please remember that models are unclothed while posing and therefore they are often in a vulnerable position. It's very important to follow these rules to make everyone feel comfortable & respected.



1. Participants are expected to be respectful of the model, and there should never be any 
talking while the model is posing.


2. Do not play audible music during the class. The host will select music for the 

3. Do not take out your cell phone during the class. Please turn-off your ringer or place your phone on silent mode before entering the studio.

4. Please allow the model their personal space during breaks, as they rest.

5. Do not talk to the model while they are posing or make comments.

6. Do not talk to the model on breaks - unless they start a conversation with you.

7. Never make comments about the model's body or appearance.

8. In most cases, you should only leave the studio during the break period. If you open the studio door 
while the model is posing this puts them in a vulnerable position.


9. It is expected that while the model is undraped that all participants are actively drawing. 


10. No photographs or video recording of the model are permitted to be taken.


11. Please direct any comments, suggestions or ideas to the host at the end of the class only.


12. Please avoid moving your easel, chair or table during a pose, other than making a slight 
adjustment. These types of movements can distract the models pose and "throw them off."

By participating in a life drawing class at Sparkles n' Sawdust Studio you are giving unsigned consent to abide by these rules. Please note that we have a zero tolerance policy for disrespectful behavior. Anyone who behaves inappropriately will be asked to leave without compensation.

Thank you for your cooperation!

- Sparkles n' Sawdust Studio