Mindful Art Workshops

All workshops are for adults & beginner friendly unless otherwise indicated.
Please note that our workshop schedule changes both monthly and seasonally.
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Meditative Mark Making Workshop | Beginner Friendly

Instructor: Jennifer Miller | 2 hours of instruction & supplies

Age Group: Adults (Anyone under 18 must be accompanied by an adult)

Workshop Description:


This workshop begins with a couple of gestural exercises where participants will experience the process of mark making through guided instruction. Through these exercises, you will tune into your “internal compass” that is specific and unique to each individual.


The wonderful thing about this process is that each person will create strikingly different results as we allow ourselves the freedom to bring inherent bodily rhythms into the process of mark making. The purpose of the warm-up exercises are to alleviate the fear of the blank page and help ease us into abstract mark making. 


Beginning with simply a pencil - we will produce energetic marks in response to the rhythm and beats of the music.  As the process continues, you will be introduced to new variables: duration, beats per minute, mark making tools, one and two-handed drawing. With the focus on the music we are able to let go of the pressure to create for the purpose of results and instead only on the relationships of sound, body, and mark.


During the final portion of this workshop participants will be given a giant piece of paper and each select their most comfortable marking tool—pencil. charcoal or colored pencils. This time our bodies become directly engaged with the paper as we position our bodies comfortably on top. With the use of various beats, participants will move their bodies around in various directions letting the energy flow freely, as they create free flowing lines and swirls around their bodies.


Mandala Rock Painting Workshop | Beginner Friendly
Included: 2 hours of instructions & supplies

Age Group: Adults (anyone under 18 must be accompanied by an adult)

Workshop Description:

Join us for a unique rock painting workshop! Painting rocks might seem like an easy concept, however there is a lot more to it than you might realize. During this workshop you will learn about what the best paints are for this type of project, how to seal them, dotting techniques and lots more!

Mandala dotting art is much more then the end product, it is a meditative process - that is the expression of you soul. This particular style of art is known for being therapeutic and extremely relaxing.

During this workshop participants are guided through the steps with ease to creating three beautifully painted mandala rocks to take home and display.


What can you do with your creations? The possibilities are truly endless! You can display them as fabulous décor pieces for your home, garden, patio or yoga room. You can use  them as a paper weights, book ends or gift them.

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Mindful Neuro Art Workshop | Beginner Friendly

Included: 2 hours of instructions and supplies

Age Group: Adults (anyone under 18 must be accompanied by an adult)

Workshop Description:

Escape the stress of everyday living while experiencing the joy of artmaking.

During this workshop, Alan will help you discover how the inner being reacts to the outer world through the creative process of neuro-graphic art.

This process uses a drawing technique that links the conscience with the subconscious. The link is made by activating connections between brain cells and neurons. The result is an awareness and mindfulness that helps turn stress into calm.


One of the wonderful things about neuro art is that it does not require any artistic skills and therefore anyone can participate with ease! This is also a great opportunity to learn how to use watercolor markers to produce beautiful translucent colors.

The purpose of this unique style of art is to transform the fear and chaos of our world into something more calm and peaceful.