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Sparkles n' Sawdust Studio is the creator of the Supernova Market. This is a juried market that showcases some of the cities most talented crafters, artists and food/beverage markers in a beautiful outdoor venue, Rogers Square. Our Craft shows are always free for the public to attend and provide a great opportunity for everyone to come out to support local.

What sets us apart?

♡ The hosts are crafters themselves and know what it takes to host an event of epic proportions

♡ Your safety matters to us! We talk the talk and walk the walk. As with our studio, we genuinely care and go above and beyond to help keep everyone safe. No matter how many times the public health authorities have to change the restrictions or guidelines, we step up and implement any changes that are needed. Is this exhausting and costly? YES! Do we do it anyways? ALWAYS!

♡ We do everything that we can to avoid overlap in products. This helps create a non-competitive environment

♡ You actually know the event host by name and they don’t hide behind the scenes

♡ We don’t accept only our friends or established creatives - we love supporting newbies

♡ We plan our vendor layout based upon personality types to increase the likelihood of vendors making new friends and having a positive experience

♡ We market the heck out of our events by utilizing every possible resource and have strong connections within the local art and craft community

♡ Transparency! We are upfront with what you can expect and enjoy sharing behind the scene looks

♡ We support our makers by marketing their products and help get their name out there

♡ Effort! Every detail is thoroughly planned with nothing left out

♡ We foster a positive, supportive and community orientated atmosphere

♡ We do not charge admission and welcome everyone to attend 

♡ We have a zero-tolerance policy for harassment or discrimination and offer inclusive events

♡ We are friendly and easy to get a hold of if you have questions, to help set you up for success!