Don’t lose your creative spark during the pandemic

The world feels like it has turned upside down right now and it is affecting people in different ways. Some people are feeling a wave of creativity, with more free time on their hands. Others are feeling stuck in a creative rut while, they are stuck indoors and feeling less productive.

In case you are suffering from a creative block, here are some ideas to help you get back to riding the waves of creativity!

1. Listen to music - art and music share similar principles, such as: pattern, rhythm, balance and emphasis.

2. Poetry - the visual imagery of poetry can help get spark creativity

3. Take a walk-in nature - fresh air can help get your creative juices flowing

4. Mix it up and try a new creative art form, you might be surprised by new talents that are just waiting to be unleashed.

5. Look for inspiration, Pinterest is my BFF!

6. Take an online art class - engaging with other creatives can help inspire you.

7. Doodling - Studies have proven that people who doodle typically are better able to grasp new concepts, stay focused, and refine creative ideas.

8. Yoga - helps foster creative energy through the unification of our mind, body, and spirit. 9. Watch an inspiring biopic (ex. Pollock)

10. Mindful Meditation – Studies have shown that mindful mediation works to enhance creativity and innovation.

If you are still feeling stuck here is some EXTRA inspiration:

FREE online Art Journaling class:

My favorite book list for unlocking creativity:

Create a new creative playlist:

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