Bohemian Wind Chime Workshop | LVL I - Beginner friendly

Instructor: Jacquelyn Miccolis | Included: 1.5 hr of instruction & supplies

Add a little bohemian charm to your yard garden or patio. During this workshop, Jacquelyn will guide you through the steps from start to finish to creating your own wind chime. No previous experience needed, this fun craft project is suitable for everyone.

Using beautiful glass beads, gemstones and brass bells, you will create a stunning décor piece to take home with you.

DIY Garden Party | LVL I - Beginner friendly

Instructor: Alan Pippy | Included: 2.5 hrs of instruction & supplies 

During this fun workshop, participants will be guided through the steps to make their very own customized garden marker set of 5 to take home and use or to give as a beautiful gift.

This workshop is a very special 2 in 1 craft night, therefore, participants will also be guided through step by step instruction while creating their very own botanical seed bombs to take home. (10 seed bombs per participant).

Needle Felting Workshop | Lvl 1 - Beginner friendly

Instructor: Jacquelyn Miccolis | Included: 2 hrs of instruction & supplies

Learn everything you need to know to begin needle felting in a relaxing and supportive environment. In this beginner friendly workshop, you will learn how to make your own wall hanging. Jacquelyn will guide you through the steps with ease, as you create a beautiful decoration for your home.

Needle felting is simple in concept, but looks complex in execution and the results are elaborate sculptures made completely out of wool. Essentially, the activity uses a special needle to fuse fibers together in a stiff form.

Vinyl Mandala Painting Workshop | LVL I - Beginner friendly
Instructor: Alan Pippy | Includes: 2 hrs of instruction & supplies


Mandalas are circular designs symbolizing the notion that life is never ending. During this class we will use upcycled vinyl records as our "canvas," and learn how to create your own beautiful mandala design. This is a beginner class, therefore no experience is required to attend.


What can you expect?

Learn about the deeper meanings of mandalas
Learn how to prepare a vinyl record for painting
Learn some techniques for creating mandala designs

Making Mixed Media Art Workshop | LVL 1: Beginner friendly
Instructor: Alan Pippy | Includes: 2 hrs of instruction & supplies

Mixed media art involves mixing different creative mediums to create work that incorporates two or more art forms. For example, you can draw on top of photography prints. Mixed media is all about breaking the boundaries between different art forms.

Over the years the use of mixed media has become widespread as artists developed increasingly open attitudes to the media of art. Essentially art can be made of anything or any combination of things. Mixed media art is an art form, that doesn't place restrictions on people who don't know how to draw or don't have a background in fine art. Therefore, mixed media art is for everyone!

During this workshop we will experiment with new methods of working with texture and combinations of traditional and non-traditional materials on a canvas. Participants will create a fun and whimsical canvas art, to take home and proudly display in their home at the end of this workshop

Eye Candy Designs | LVL 1 Beginner Level
Inspired by Designer: Payton Cosell Turner

Instructor: Alan Pippy | Includes: 2 hrs of instruction & supplies


During this workshop we will create intricate designs that are hand applied to a wooden panel. Using a wide range of adhesive images, we will develop beautiful and eye catching patterns.

This is a perfect way to spend a Friday night, unwinding and unleashing your inner creativity - in a friendly and cozy space. No experience is required, just the willingness to learn.

Learn how to create patterns by repeating symmetrical images, to create a beautiful piece of art to take home and display.

Everyday Herbalism Workshop | LVL 1 : Beginner friendly
Instructor: Moonbeam (Amanda Palmer) | Included: 2 hrs of instruction & supplies

Health is an ever-changing balance, and each of us encounters our own challenges, whether it be emotional, physical or spiritual. Herbs can be incorporated into everyday living, to help address and soothe our flare-ups in all of these areas of life. One of the wonderful things about herbalism is that it's easily accessible, as it can often be found in our own back yards and other local dwellings.

Moon Beam has many years of experience in using herbs to find balance in her own life - and has been blessed with a small handful of years working in health food establishments, where she shared her love and knowledge with others. Educating people from all walks of life about the uses of herbal supplements, to help them embark on their journey to wellness.

Currently enrolled with the Wild Rose College of Natural Healing. she is working to complete a course in Practical Herbalism. Moon Beam is so delighted to have the opportunity to share our space and spread knowledge around holistic well-being with other herbal dabblers and enthusiasts! Whether you are already familiar with the benefits of herbal medicine or are just beginning your journey of natural healing, we hope that you will join us for an afternoon of fun and learning.

During this workshop we will begin with taking a few minutes to share with each other, what inspires us to want to learn and/or grow herbs. Then proceeding, we will discuss the identification and ethical harvesting of two well-known medicinal herbs that can be found right here within the HRM! Following this is when the fun really begins- we will each get to make our own tinctures of each of the herbs we've learned about together! Featuring the herbs: Cranberry and Juniper, participants will learn about making simple folk tincture, and going over the medicinal applications for them.

Macramé Leaf/Feather Wall Hanging | LVL 1 : Beginner friendly
Instructor: Jacquelyn Miccolis | Includes: 2 hrs. of instruction & supplies

During this workshop we will dive into the beautiful world of Macramé! Macramé is a form of textile produced using knotting (rather than weaving or knitting) techniques.

Jacquelyn will guide you through the steps to making your own small wall hanging with 2 bohemian style leaves.

No previous experience needed, just the willingness to learn! Join us for a friendly, supportive and relaxing evening of crafting fun for adults in downtown Halifax.

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