Friday Night's: 6pm - 8pm

Vinyl Record Clock

Instructor: Alan Pippy

Lvl I: Beginner friendly

Included: Clock mechanism, vinyl record, numbers, glue, paint, hardware & 1 hr of instruction.


Learn how to  turn an old vinyl record into a functional piece of art. Local Artist and vinyl enthusiast, Alan will walk you through the process, step by step with ease.


Make one for yourself or create an epic gift! Bring a friend and enjoy some creative time together. Take your finished clock home with you at the end of class. It will look amazing on your wall and make an excellent conversation piece!

Vinyl Mandala Painting

Instructor: TBD

Lvl I: Beginner friendly

Included: Vinyl Record, Primer, Acrylic Paint & Puffy/Fabric Paint


Join us for a fun evening of creativity and nostalgia. Mandalas are circular designs symbolizing the notion that life is never ending. During this class we will use upcycled vinyl records as our "canvas," and participants will learn how to create their own mandala. 

What can you expect?

  • Learn about the deeper meanings of mandalas

  • Learn how to prepare a vinyl record for painting

  • Learn some techniques for creating mandala design

Bohemian Wind Chimes 

Instructor: Jacquelyn Miccolis

Lvl I: Beginner friendly

Included: Pre-drilled wooden stick, glass beads, gemstone beads, charms, bells, beading cord, acrylic paint & 1.5 hrs of Instruction.

Add a little bohemian charm to your yard, garden or patio. During this workshop, Jacquelyn will guide you through the steps from start to finish to creating your own wind chime. No previous experience needed, this fun craft project is suitable for everyone.

DIY Terrarium 

Instructor: Jacquelyn Miccolis

Lvl I: Beginner friendly

Included: Mini succulent plants, 1 terrarium dish, terrarium care sheet, decorative stones and moss, organic activated charcoal, soil & approx. 1 hr of instruction.

 During this fun hands on workshop, participants will learn how to care for their terrarium. With guided step by step instruction you will learn how to make your own beautiful terrarium to take home. Terrariums are low-maintenance miniature gardens, that under the right conditions – should continue to thrive indefinitely. This is one of the many reasons that they have become so popular and make for a great addition for any home.

Needle Felting

Instructor: Alan Pippy

Lvl I : Beginner friendly

Included: Wool roving, needle felting tools & 2 hrs of instruction. 

No sewing or stuffing needed, just poking! During this fun needle felting workshop, you will learn how to sculpt raw wool. Never needle felted before? No stress! Anyone can learn how and you will feel at ease while you enjoy the therapeutic benefits of crafting in our cozy studio.

Everyday Herbalism 

Instructor: Hannah Cameron

Lvl I -  Beginner friendly

Included: 2.5 hrs of Instruction, Tea & Meditation. 

Discovering the magic of your kitchen cupboard contents! During this workshop you will get up close and personal with 10 common kitchen herbs and discover their benefits, both by modern practices and in times of Yore and Lore. Participants will come away with an in-depth knowledge of how to use these herbs, to promote wellness in your own home and life. Also, you will learn some interesting information about how plant's traditional uses reflect on modern medicine. With an intro to herbal lingo, you will learn about common terminology, to gain a better understanding of how plants work within us.

In addition, we will join one another in a tea meditation, where we will focus on the energy of plants and how they effect our bodies differently.

Bring a pen and paper for notes (if you desire) and an open mind. Get to know the contents of your kitchen in jars and shakers, that are often overlooked.

Hummingbird Hannah is an Earth Ally that works closely with plants and nature in order to support wellness and interconnectedness among us, as well as environmental sustainability.

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