Textile Workshops

All workshops are for adults & beginner friendly unless otherwise indicated.
Please note that our workshop schedule changes both monthly and seasonally.
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Seaside Wet Felting Workshop | Beginner Friendly

Instructor: Alan Pippy | Includes: 3 hours of instruction & supplies

Age Group: Adults (anyone under 18 must be accompanied by an adult)

Workshop Description:

The beauty and mystery of the ocean, fills our lives with wonders, vast beyond our imagination.🌊

During this fun beginner friendly workshop you will learn the beautiful craft of wet felting. This project is relaxing and not overly difficult, therefore you can expect a relaxing afternoon of crafting in our friendly studio.

You will be provided with step-by-step instructions, as you are gently guided through the steps to making a sensational seaside inspired wall hanging.


With the use of wool roving, water and soap you will learn how to bind fibers together and build layers of color to create a beautiful ocean inspired scene. Following this we will attach our "felted pictures" to sticks with a tied hoop at the top for the purpose of easy displaying/hanging.

Wet felting is a timeless craft that has been around for centuries, due the endless possibilities of what you can make through this marvelous process.

All of the supplies is provided for this workshop, however please bring a towel with you (any size) - thank you! We will provide you with a plastic bag to easily transport your wet towel home.

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This workshop is offered annually during the Summer

Flower Pounding & Embroidery Workshop | Beginner Friendly

Instructor: Jacquelyn Miccolis | Included: 2.5 hours of instruction & supplies

Age Group: Adults

Workshop Description:

Join botanical Artist Jacquelyn for a fun and friendly craft class! Learn how to preserve the beauty of nature, while creating you very own flower art through a combination of flower pounding and beginner embroidery.


This workshop was featured in an article by The Craft Industry Alliance: https://craftindustryalliance.org/flower-pounding/

During this workshop, Jacquelyn will guide you through the steps to flower pounding on pre-treated fabric, which will be followed by heat setting our designs for long lasting color. 

Working with a beautiful selection of flowers, you will learn now to press them into fabric. Your creation will be placed inside a pretty bamboo embroidery hoop, which makes it easy to hang and display in your home.

Last but not least, we will add some beautiful embellishments to our designs with two beautiful beginner friendly embroidery stitches: lazy daisy & French knot. No previous experienced needed - just the willingness to learn!


What you will learn:

❁How to create beautiful flower pounded textile prints

❁The process for transferring the natural pigment of plants to fabric

❁ Identifying which flowers work best

❁ How to embroider some beginner stitches for decorative embellishments

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This workshop is offered annually during the Fall.

Mushroom Dyeing & Print Making Workshop | Beginner Friendly
Instructor: Jacquelyn Miccolis | Includes: 3 hours of instruction & supplies
Age Group: Adults (anyone under 18 must be accompanied by an adult)

Workshop Description:

Mushrooms are sprouting up everywhere lately, whether it be in fashion design, wellness, art and beyond. The mystery surrounding them coupled with their aesthetic appeal - tickles our curiosities.

Whether you are a seasoned mycologist or just curious about the fascinating world of fungi, this beginner friendly workshop is packed full of interesting information and textile fun!

Jacquelyn is an avid mushroom hunter and fungi artist. She recently had the rare opportunity to study virtually from a professional UK based mushroom dyer, while completing a mushroom dyeing course.

Her fascination with mushrooms piqued, when she discovered the marvelous work of American Artist, Miriam C. Rice. She helped to pave the way for mycopigments, by develop a unique palette of natural dyes extracted from mushrooms and other fungi.

Mushroom dyeing is a sacred process that requires a lot of experimentation, as there are no set rules or recipes. The exciting part of this is that there is still so much left to be discovered, studied and explored.

During this workshop you will learn about ethical practices for mushroom foraging and we will briefly discuss mushroom identification. Participants learn how to extract color from real mushrooms (dyers polypore) through live demonstration. Each participant will get to use this pigment to naturally dye a cotton tea towel by using the shibori technique. Through friendly guided step-by-step instruction, you will create a beautiful and unique pattern.

Last but not least, you will get to learn how to mix a functional fungi pigment for fabric printing. This fungi dye pigment can be used to paint or print onto paper, cloth or leather. For this particular workshop we will be printing on paper with mushroom stamps (provided for in-studio use only) and fungi pigment to create pretty prints.

Participants will leave with their hand dyed tea towel, prints as well as priceless knowledge.