Q. Who can apply and how do I apply?

UPDATED: Applications have closed and all vendor spots have been filled for our 2021 market!

A. Artists, Artisans and Food/Beverage Vendors. This is strictly a handmade market and therefore we do not accept direct sale representatives. The only exception to handmade vendors is charitable organizations, non-profits and social enterprises. 

Q. How much does it cost to participate?

A. All vendor spots are 6ft ($200 + hst), with the exception being if someone pays for multiple spots. For those who are not familiar with the venue layout, please view the photos from our previous market. Vendor fees are non refundable or transferable. Fees are due upon receiving an acceptance notification with an attached invoice, within 48 hours via e-transfer: jacquelyn.miccolis@hotmail.com (automatic deposit) or we can accept credit cards over the phone, please call Sparkles n' Sawdust Studio: (902) 817-7739. If the payment is not received, your spot will be given to the next selected vendor and you will not be welcome to participate in future markets.

Q. How much does it cost to attend the market?

A. The event is FREE for the general public to attend and we welcome people from all walks of life, to join in on the fun. This is a family-friendly community event, that is held outside on street level and is therefore wheel chair accessible.

Q. Is the event pet friendly?

A. Vendors are not permitted to bring animals however, because this is an outdoor event and a lot of patrons will stroll through, pets on leashes are permitted (with discretion).


Q. Where is the event being held?

A. The Supernova Market is held in Rogers Square, which is the beautiful air hub space outside of the Nova Centre in the heart of Downtown Halifax.

Q. Are washrooms available for vendors?

A. Yes! We have partnered with a couple of awesome local businesses near by to provide usage of their facilities for our vendors.

Q. Is there parking provided?

A. There is paid parking in the underground lot at the Nova Centre or street parking in the surrounding area.

Q. Is there wifi available?

A. Yes! There is free wifi for vendors to use, no password is needed.

Q. Is electricity available?

A. No, sorry!

Q. Are tables and chairs provided?

A. No, vendors are required to bring their own 6ft table and chair.

Q. Will the event run rain or shine?

A. Yes, the venue is fully covered and therefore, unless there is extreme weather conditions.

Q. How is the event promoted?

A. We have a comprehensive marketing plan which includes, posters, press releases, social media, word of mouth and more! Find us on Instagram: @sparklesnsawdustmarkets

Market-Day Rules

  1. Vendors must arrive not more than 60 minutes, and not less than 30 minutes before the market starts at 1 PM 

  2. Vendors must complete their set up prior to the commencement of the market. Vendors should be ready to sell, with all wares displayed at the start of the market at 1:00pm.

  3. Vendors must call the Market Manager (902-817-7739) if running late. If unavailable, please leave a voice message. An email is not considered sufficient notification, as we will not have time to check these prior to or during the event.

  4. Vendors must provide their own equipment – tables, chairs, signage, hand sanitizer etc.

  5. Vendors may only sell products approved through the application process and/or jury process. 

  6. Vendors should keep their designated area clean, attractive and within the boundaries of their marked area.

  7. Vendors will receive one vendor lanyard upon arrival and is allowed only one person to help manage their station.

  8. Vendors must stay for the entire duration of the event. If a vendor has sold out of their product, a “sold out” sign may be displayed, but the table should not be removed until the end of the market.

  9. Vendors are not allowed to bring pets, drink alcohol or smoke at the market, or on the property of the market site.

  10. Vendors must remove all garbage, clean their area of debris and remove all visible signs of their stall within one hour of market closing. Cardboard boxes should be removed from the site and not left for the market staff.

  11. Vendors must not be at the market while under the influence of alcohol or drugs, not aggressively selling their products, and not make negative comments about other vendors.

  12. Vendors are expected to be respectful of others and we have a strict zero tolerance policy for harassment or discrimination or any kind. Market Security reserves the right to tell any vendor who is caught in violation of these terms to leave without any monetary compensation for lost market time.

  13. Music is not permitted to be played by vendors during the market.

  14. This is not a scent-free event, however please be mindful of scent sensitives and avoid wearing any strong perfumes of colognes.

  15. Vendors are solely responsible for their own personal belongings and market staff is not liable for any theft or damages that occur.

  16. Food and beverage vendors are responsible for any applicable health and safety food vendor permits and licensing requirements. Vendors must also adhere to any applicable food allergen labeling laws.

Covid-19 Policies:

If we are unable to hold the market on the scheduled date, due to covid-19 restrictions, the Supernova Market will be postponed to a later date. Vendor fees are nonrefundable. The market will be rescheduled for the same day of the week and time at a later date. All participating vendors will be notified as soon as possible, by email.

Unless circumstances change drastically, all vendors are required to wear a proper fitting mask during the entire duration of the event. Bandana's or face scarf are not permitted, as per health regulations. Social distancing is required and vendors will be spaced out accordingly.

If you are required to quarantine due to travel or any other covid-19 released reason, you are not permitted to participate and your vendor space will be forfeited - without compensation. You are welcome to sell your space to a vendor in the same product category as you with our approval.

If you are experiencing covid-19 symptoms, been around someone who has covid-19 or you have an active case - you are not permitted to participate and are welcome to sell your space to another vendor, with the market managers approval only.

As we continue to navigate the pandemic, the restrictions can change at any given time and we have no control over this. The health safety of our staff, vendors and guests is our #1 priority and the market manager reserves the right to make any necessary adjustments to strictly adhere to new regulations. Vendors will be notified in advance y email, if any changes are made. Thank you for your cooperation!