How do I apply to be a vendor? Through the electronic vendor application form | Application deadline: April 9th, 2021

We are seeking artists, crafters, packaged food and bottled drink vendors. No direct sales representatives please.


Please note: Due the mandatory mask policy outlined by public health authorities, no one is permitted to eat within the market, which is why we are asking for packed food vendors only.  

Vendors will have access to a separate room designated as a vendor lounge for their comfort, where they can eat their lunch/dinner safely with social distancing protocols in place.

Where and when is this event taking place? Halifax Convention Centre | 1650 Argyle St. Halifax NS

This is a 2 day event. Dates: Friday April 23rd & Saturday April 24th, 2021 at 2:00 PM - 8 PM 

* Vendors are required to arrive one hour in advance on the first day for set-up

In the unlikely circumstance that this event is unable to be held on this date, due to public health authority restriction changes, this event will not be cancelled! Instead, it will be rescheduled as soon as restrictions are lifted. Therefore, please note that vendor fees are non refundable and will be transferred to the new dates. Thank you for your cooperation, as we continue to navigate the pandemic. 

Are vendors required to participate on both days? Yes, vendors must participate on both market dates. Vendors are required to stay for the entire duration of the event, with the only exception being a food and/or bathroom break. Due to the event capacity limit, vendors are not permitted to have anyone stay with them to help manage their booth.

Can vendors share a table space? No, sorry! Due to event capacity limits - this is not permitted.


Will vendors need to set up on the second day of this event? No, the room will be securely locked overnight.

Are vendors required to bring their own table and chair? Yes! Tables and chairs ARE NOT provided with any of the vendors spaces. However, vendors will be able to load their belongings through the Grafton street loading zone and the Convention Centre staff will be there to help escort you with a cart and elevators.


What are the vendor fees? The vendor fee is based upon the space size, however please note that vendors are responsible for bringing their own table(s) and chair.

  • 6 FT space $350

  • 8 FT (L shape) space $400

  • 12 FT space $650


* Tax is included in all vendor fees 


Is Wi-Fi provided? Yes! Vendors will have access to free wifi to help ease the process of card sales/transactions

Can vendors from outside of Nova Scotia participate? Yes, if you are located within the Atlantic bubble!

How and when will I find out if I have been selected to participate? On April 12th all selected vendors will be listed on our social media accounts: Instagram and Facebook @sparklesnsawdusthalifax


Please follow us on social media, so that you don't miss the vendor listing Vendor fees are due promptly within 48 of the vendor announcement via e-transfer, no exceptions.


Payable to:

Jacquelyn Miccolis | Owner, Sparkles n' Sawdust Studio



Please include your business name in the e-transfer comment section. We have automatic deposit set up therefore, no password should be required. Credit card payments can be processed over the phone upon request, please get in touch to arrange this - thanks!

What are the covid-19 safety protocols for this event?

- Strictly following the Health Protection Act Order

- Designated marked entrance and exit

- Thorough deep cleaned and sanitized venue

- Covid-19 screening and controlled sign-in process

- Visible safety protocol signage

- Contactless hand sanitizing stations

- Social distancing

- Washrooms are barrier free and incorporate touchless faucets, toilets, paper towel dispensers, and hand dryers

- Strict mask wearing policy

- Professional security to enforce crowd control

- Occupancy limits will be monitored and enforced at entrance/exit to ensure compliance with facility occupancy and public health restrictions and clearly marked capacity signage.

(50% of the venue’s capacity up to 100 people) Halifax Convention Centre - Ballroom: 30,000 SQF

Market staff reserves the make any changes to our covid-19 protocols to strictly adhere to public health laws.

Market - Day Rules

  1. Vendors must arrive 60 minutes before the market starts on the first day, and 30 minutes on the second day. 

  2. Vendors must complete their set up prior to the commencement of the market. Vendors should be ready to sell, with all wares displayed at the start of the market.

  3. Vendors must provide their own equipment – table, chair, signage, personal hand sanitizer etc. 

  4. Vendors should keep their designated area clean, attractive and within the boundaries of their marked area.

  5. Vendors will receive one lanyard upon arrival and are not permitted to have anyone else stay with them.

  6. Vendors must stay for the entire duration of the event. If a vendor has sold out of their products, a “sold out” sign may be displayed, but the table should not be removed until the end of the market.

  7. Vendors must remove all garbage, clean their area of debris and remove all visible signs of their stall within one hour of market closing. Cardboard boxes should be removed from the site and not left behind.

  8. Vendors must not be at the market while under the influence of alcohol or illegal drugs, not aggressively selling their products, and not make negative comments about other vendors.

  9. Vendors are expected to be respectful of each other and we have a strict zero tolerance policy for harassment or discrimination or any kind. Market Security reserves the right to tell any vendor who is caught in violation of these terms to leave without any monetary compensation for lost market time.

  10. Music is not permitted to be played by vendors during the market.

  11. This is not a scent-free event, however please be mindful of scent sensitives and avoid wearing any strong perfumes of colognes.

  12. Vendors are solely responsible for their own personal belongings, display and products and the market staff and venue is not liable for any theft or damages that occur. Vendors are permitted to leave their display set-up for the second day, as the room will be locked over night. However, vendors do so at their own risk and accept all responsibility and liability.

  13. Packed food and drink vendors are responsible for any applicable health and safety food vendor permits and licensing requirements. Vendors must also adhere to any applicable food allergen labeling laws. No unpackaged food is permitted for this event, due to covid-19 restrictions.